Arts and Eats Trail

The Art With Me Festival is an international festival of art, music, and culture curated in order to inspire us to be more connected with ourselves and create awareness around various environmental issues that affect us locally and globally. It is a festival built by the community, with a curatorship that combines art, lectures, music, wellness, and cultural experiences, thus creating a platform that inspires change and creates awareness among its attendees.

We have brought together some of the most prominent venues in order to carry out a series of experiences that enhance artistic innovations through various platforms … culinary, visual, cultural, and experiential, all of them calling for attention around environmental issues that affect us locally and globally.

It is our mission to create alliances that have a direct impact on our local infrastructure and sustainability, with best business practices and the support of the municipality. The festival weaves an eclectic mix of experiences imagined by world-class artists, live and electronic musical acts, sound systems, yoga teachers, leaders of the mindfulness movement, and prestigious chefs who use art as a lens to examine the impact that we cause around us.

The immersive five-day trip includes landmark art installations, interactive art experiences, inspiring lectures, culinary pop-ups, unforgettable parties, intimate live concerts, wellness and health workshops, and many activities for children. Join us exploring the beaches, jungles, the most beloved venues, hotels, and restaurants, in a festival that offers a one-of-a-kind experience, creating awareness and enchanting your senses.

Art With Me

Art installations and exhibits weaved throughout a completely pure landscape

Care With Me

It is our mission to create alliances that have a direct impact on infrastructure and local sustainability, with best business practices, the support of the municipality, and a strong commitment to the regeneration of our planet.

Dance With Me

Musical acts and live performances with the best of local and international talent.

Breathe With Me

A health and wellness program that includes Mayan and cacao ceremonies, circles for women and men, herbal medicine, percussion circles, Ayurveda workshops, and many more activities.

Play With Me

Children’s programming with inspiring activities, yoga, wellness, and artistic experiences.

Eat With Me

International chefs collaborating with local restaurants creating unique menus, exclusive tastings, and incredible culinary experiences.