Create A New Look with Accessories

Spice Up Your Look

Do you feel like your wardrobe is lacking in creativity? Accessories are a great way to spruce up any look. They can be used to add some color, texture or warmth to an outfit. At Pretty Little Things, we have a wide variety of accessories that are perfect for any occasion. From statement necklaces and earrings to brooches and hair pins and Cat-Eye Sunglasses, our collection has something for everyone!

The first thing to consider when adding accessories to an outfit is the color palette. In order for your accessory to match properly, you need to make sure that it falls within the same color family as your other items. Matching a bright necklace with a pastel dress can create an interesting contrast while also pulling together multiple pieces in one look!

Cat-Eye Sunglasses

In addition, certain types of clothing call for different kinds of accessories. For example, if you are wearing something casual and sporty like jeans and sneakers, then try pairing it with some cute hair pins or headbands instead of jewelry that may seem out-of-place. You could even add some bangles or cuffs if they work well with what you’re already wearing—just be sure not to wear too many at once.

Finally, you need to consider the occasion when choosing accessories! A statement necklace might seem too formal for a casual get-together while some earrings may not be appropriate for work. Be sure that your accessory is properly versatile before including it in an outfit and if possible, try matching different pieces together to create several outfits in one go!

Creating a new look with accessories seems simple enough but it’s important to remember these guidelines so that everything looks intentional rather than thrown together at random. If you want to add some color or warmth into your wardrobe without breaking the bank, then Pretty Little Things has got all sorts of stylish options just waiting for you take home today!