Marketing Your Small Business

How to Drive Leads, Customers and Sales

It can be hard to bring in new customers and leads when you are a small business owner. You may not have the marketing budget of larger companies, but with some creativity and effort, you can still get your message out there. The business plan writers will discuss how to market your small business for free or on a tight budget by using blogs, social media, SEO, email campaigns and more.

The first thing you can do is to start a blog. You may have an existing website, but one of the best ways to get customers and leads is by having your own business blog on your site.

If you are not sure where to begin with blogging, check out our Beginner’s Guide or consider one of these free blogging platforms that allow you build a beautiful looking site quickly.

Business Plan Writers

Once you have hosted your first post, it’s time to promote it so people will see it! Social media sites like Facebook , Twitter , Google+ and LinkedIn all make great tools for promoting content like blogs posts because each has hundreds of millions users who share their interests online every day. It’s also easy for them given they already use social media to get in touch with their friends and family.

You can use these sites for free or low cost by creating a business page on Facebook , setting up an account on Twitter, adding your company to LinkedIn’s directory of companies and more! Search engines like Google will also help you generate traffic if they find that the content you post online is something people are searching for. This means it’s important to optimize your website’s blog posts so search engines know what it contains – we discuss how do this below.

One last way you can market your small business’ blog is through email marketing campaigns . These allow you reach out to anyone who has opted-in to receiving emails from you when there are new articles written about topics they are interested in. You can use free email marketing tools like MailChimp to set these campaigns up, or you could even create your own with an HTML template and the built-in features of WordPress .

Once you have mastered how to market your small business by using blogs, social media sites , SEO , email campaigns and more, it’s time to look into paid advertising options that will drive leads for a low cost. Since Google is used by over half of all online shoppers when looking for products or services, consider setting up AdWords ads so they appear on searches related to what people are searching for when they find your site.