Keys to Passing a Background Check: The Definitive Guide

Ways to Pass an Employee Background Check

In the digital age, more people are conducting background checks on potential employees. If you are not familiar with this process, read It is important to know what steps you can take to make sure your personal information doesn’t come out during a background check.

When you are applying for a job, make sure your social media accounts are private. This means that only people who have access to your account can see it and nothing is public – this will protect the information from being seen by anyone other than yourself during a background check. It goes without saying that if there’s something on Facebook or Twitter that could harm your reputation in any way, then do not post it! If an employer does find something while conducting their own investigation into potential hires’ backgrounds before hiring them, they may choose another candidate instead of you.

Make sure all personal documents and records (birth certificate, school transcripts etc.) contain no errors and avoid mistakes such as misspelled words or incorrect dates which can be used to discredit you. Once again, the best way to ensure this is by keeping your documents organized and up-to-date so that nothing can go wrong when a background check is performed on them!


If any of your information from previous jobs has been written about in a negative light (you were fired or forced out for example), then do not include it in your resume. Instead, create another job history section that lists all prior positions while leaving out any sensitive details if possible. It’s also important to be honest here as well – lying about where you worked before may result in being caught during an investigation which would give you even more bad publicity than ever before! Nothing good will come from telling lies since they could easily get back to the person who is doing the background check on you.

Be aware of mistakes made by your parents and other family members that may have come up during a background check which can affect how employers see you! For example, if someone close to you has been convicted for robbery or another crime then this will put doubt in an employer’s mind about their trustworthiness – even though they are not related to anyone being investigated themselves! Be sure to be honest with yourself when looking at all past records so nothing comes back later to surprise you since it could cost you future job prospects.