Flooring Solutions: The Most Common Floor Issues

Watch Out For These Flooring Problems

We have all been there. You walk into a store to buy your favorite type of flooring and you are left with a feeling of confusion because you can’t figure out which one is going to be best for your needs. It’s not just the salesperson that has no idea what they’re talking about, but even some contractors have no clue on how to help! Fortunately, there are some good options for flooring in Columbus GA.

The most common flooring issues are dirt and debris stains, this is why it is important to invest in high-quality flooring. Your family and pets are going to track dirt, food crumbs, leaves, grass clippings and all sorts of other things around your home so you will want something that can stand up against its wear and tear!

Flooring In Columbus GA

Uneven spaces in the room, which cause tripping hazards. This is especially bad if it happens with stairs! Warped floors that don’t even stay level or sometimes make a creaking noise when one walks across them.

Stains from liquids like water or wine. These can be difficult to remove since they often soak deep into the wood planks of your flooring over time. If you spill something on the spot right away ensure that you blot up all liquid as best as possible immediately so that there isn’t any left behind for long periods of time! Use paper towels first then use warm water once more to ensure that any residual is gone.

Uneven surfaces due to the flooring being too high in one area and lower elsewhere, causing people to trip or fall once more! Make sure you have a level surface before putting your new floors down! This also means ensuring that there isn’t anything underneath of old rugs or carpets because this can cause it to be uneven as well since these won’t lay flat on top of them. If possible use cardboard boxes from stores like Walmart so they don’t take up space but still give you a nice smooth surface for your project. Then cut out pieces of the box around where furniture legs will go through so nothing gets damaged by accident later on when moving items into place.