Smart Ways to Repair a Leaky Roof and Gutter

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The first step to repairing a leaky roof and gutters is determining the source of the water and calling Roof Response service to help. A common cause for leaks in these areas is due to improper installation or damage. If you find that your roof was not properly installed, it may be necessary to hire a professional roofing contractor who has experience with this type of work; however, if you can identify where damage occurred on your own, such as from an animal getting up there or some other issue like loose shingles or damaged flashing – then you will know what needs to be fixed and how best to do so.

The first thing to do is to clean gutters of any leaves or other debris that can cause blockages.

Roof Response

If you find damage, such as loose shingles or flashing – the next step will be repairing this. You may need to hire someone for this type of work – roofers who have experience with gutter repair and installation should know what needs to be done.

Roofs are also prone to leaks during very heavy rainfalls because they lack proper drainage in some areas along a roof’s edge called a “drip line.” This drip line has been known not only contribute to small puddles on your rooftop but it could even lead water seepage into an attic area below! Installing landscaping around the perimeter of your home can help divert extra water away from your rooftop.

When inspecting the location of where you are experiencing leaks, make note of any damaged or loose shingles and also check to see if there is an accumulation of debris in your gutters. If so, this could be causing blockages which result in leaky roofs – cleaning them out will solve this problem quickly!